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Vehicle Tracking


Vehicle Tracking

  • Project Name: Vehicle Tracking
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Vehicle Tracking

Using our vehicle tracking system makes fleet management easy.

You can see where all your vehicles are on a map, and where they have been minute-by-minute for the last 30 days. You can set up alerts so you know immediately if drivers brake abruptly, drive too fast or go where they should not. All your vehicle tracking data is presented in Velocity.

Our user-friendly vehicle-tracking system, called Kinesis, can handle and present data outputs from just about any hardware device you could fit to a vehicle or moving asset. This ranges from our highly economical self-installed device called the ‘atom’ to a professionally installed device with an accelerometer, vehicle cameras that transmit HD video and even OBD plug-ins\

Advanced GPS Vehicle Tracking Software Solutions

Monitor vehicles in the field, improve fleet operations, worker productivity and encourage safer driving with RAM Tracking fleet management solutions. Choose from a range of customisable GPS fleet management system solutions that offer dashboards, reports, and alerts